Just because the system says you are guilty DOES NOT mean you are guilty! 

The Assistant District Attorney in this case was Mark Fetterman in Lancaster, PA. The Defense Attorney was Edwin Pfursich also resided in Lancaster, PA. Everyone spent approximately a week in trial for the Homicide Case. The judge for trial was Donald R. Totaro. The jury consisted of 12 Caucasian male and females. An expert by the name of Sgt. Jones testified at trail that it was his first time using his expertise in a "shooting" using Accident Reconstruction Software. When asked at trial if Morales's DNA was ever found at the scene of the crime the Defense answered saying NO! Morales's DNA was NEVER found on ANY of the 3 bullet shell casings at the scene. They also denied to look into the vehicle that was only seconds in front of Morales's vehicle. Seeing as to how this case was based on Mathematical and Scientific Evidence, wouldn't you think you would look at ALL options for a homicide case? The ONLY evidence that the DA had to convict Morales was a witness named Luis Fuentes III. Fuentes, also known as "Bubu" himself faced multiple gun charges that would have resulted up to 20+ years in prison but instead he made a deal to falsely accuse Morales so he could continue to break the law and be free from his own imprisonment. Fuentes admitted in court that he cooperated with the D.A so he could seek leniency for his own charges.